24 Jul 2019 |

Thanks for ensuring the delivery of the cards in time for me to forward a batch to Belfast for distribution to my mother's church congregation at the Easter Sunday mass.
I am very pleased with the cards which more than satisfy my requirements. Please give my appreciation to your designer for incorporating the 'shadow ' image of the 'Madonna with Child' on the 3rd page.
I particulary choose this frontpage illustration of the 'Madonna with Child' to reflect my mother's love of children . She initlally worked as a live in children's carer when she came to Belfast, from Fermanagh, in the mid 1940s and subsequently, having raised five sons, worked in a childrens' nursery and even gained a Certificate in Child Care when she was 62.
Thank you for the complementary framed photograph and the two key rings. I would like to order another twelve key rings for my brothers and their children.