24 Jul 2019 |

I just want to say thank you so much for dads order of service and memorial cards. As you know he never forgot his routes back in Ireland, for Shane to create the Irish / American design in such a short period of time is a credit to you all, dad would loved to have seen it.  What you guys produced is totally awesome!! To think you guys actually designed what you did then contacted a local printer over here to get all printed is unreal!! Watching what Mum went through then receive a surprise like you did will never be forgotten.  Friends still can't believe everything was designed back in Ireland then printed 24hours later over here. The funeral homes over here produce such simple booklets even they were shocked to see what you guys done.  It was fun speaking with the printers.  They actually sounded like they knew you guys a life time lol !!  David said it really was a first for them.  Designed in Ireland then printed here with in 24hours! They loved the design too. He told me his best friends dad, originally from Dublin is not very well at the moment.  He will want you to do the memorial cards . Finally please can you pass on our sincere thanks to your dad and all your team who helped out from the whole Cosgrove family.  I look forward speaking to you soon.