Wall Package

This discounted Wall Package holds your dearest memories close by - visible to everyone.

Our folded memorial card - also called 4 Page Memorial Card - is a wonderful way of showing that your loving memories will always remain present. It allows for a wide range of customisation of content including a cover page, verses and photos.

Lighting Memorial Candles as a special moment on an anniversary or any other occasion is a very personal way of remembering a cherished relation. How much more intimate is a personalised memorial candle that is designed with your particular image or customised theme.

We keep that view in our heart, but also like to display it in Memorial Frames. Why not personalise it even more with a specially designed Framed Memory.

A personalised One Page Memorial Calendar with the design of your beloved person is a way of remembering both your loved one and the times you shared.

Over 300 designs and more than 200 verses allow for a wide range of customisation all across our discounted Wall Package, including photographs, background images and memorial verses for your Folded Memorial Cards, Memorial Candles, Memorial Frames & Single Page Memorial Calendars - beautifully combined especially for you by our expert designers in our Wall Package.

The peace and comfort of lovely times can be captured beautifully.


Wall Package