Standard Package

In this classic of our discounted Packages our popular Folded Memorial Card is combined with the personalised Memorial Key Ring – a lovely reminder of the one we are remembering.

Our Folded Memorial Card is a wonderful way of showing that your loving memories will always remain present. It allows for a wide range of customisation of content including a cover page, verses and photos. We all carry our keys with us at all times. By having a Memorial Keyring dedicated to the memory of your loved one, we treasure their memory, visible to others everywhere we go.

Over 300 designs and more than 200 verses allow for a wide range of customisation all across our discounted Standard Package, including photographs, background images and memorial verses for your 4 Page Memorial Card and your Memorial Keyring - beautifully combined especially for you by our expert designers in our Standard Package.

Imprint your beautiful memories of the heart and carry them always.


Standard Package