Pocket Package

In this discounted Pocket Package we combine smaller-sized memorial products which enables you to carry the loving thoughts of that special person wherever you go, whether that be on your set of keys, in your wallet or while reading a book.

We all carry our keys with us at all times. By having a Memorial Keyring dedicated to the memory of your loved one, we treasure their memory visible to others everywhere we go.

The Wallet Memorial Card is a compact way of allowing you to treasure those memories with a custom designed theme to capture the spirit and character of the one you are remembering.

A Memorial Bookmarker is a way of keeping the reminder with us every day, the moment you open your book, you see the lovely Custom Design Card of your loved one.

Over 300 designs and more than 200 verses allow for a wide range of customisation all across our discounted packages, including photographs, background images and memorial verses for your Credit Card Sized Memorial Card, your Memorial Bookmarker and your Memorial Key Ring - beautifully combined especially for you by our expert designers in our Pocket Package.

Loving thoughts will sustain and strengthen you when you recall wonderful memories.


Pocket Package