FREE gifts with every order

We give out free gifts with every order, it's our way of saying thank you to all our customers. For example, we'll send you FREE keyrings with every order, and depending on the product you've chosen, you will receive FREE envelopes as well. See below for more information, or click on the get started button to begin. Your free gift won't show in the shopping backet, however you can rest assured your gift will arrive with your order. 'Gift discounts' will show in the shopping basket, e.g. 5% off.

FREE Keyrings with every order

We'll give you a complimentary set of two keyrings with every order. Graphic design will be taken care of by us. Keyrings are a gentle reminder of your loved one, which you can keep with you at all times.


FREE Framed Memory with orders over £150

A Framed Memory is part of our popular 'wall package', however we'll give you one for FREE if you spend over £150 on any combination of our products.

Spend over £150 and receive one FREE Framed Memory PLUS two FREE Keyrings.


5% off all Orders over £200

If you spend over £200 with us, we'll automatically apply a 5% discount to your cart, and you will receive two FREE Keyrings.  It's our way of saying thanks!


FREE Candle with orders over £300

Celebrate a special memorial occasion by lighting a candle in memory of your loved one. This valued gift will have your chosen verse and photograph professionally imaged onto it. Completely safe for indoor use, however we would advise that you take all the regular precautions as with any candle for safety.

Spend over £300 and receive one FREE Candle PLUS two FREE Keyrings.


FREE Envelopes with all orders

We'll give you FREE envelopes with your order if the products you choose are compatible with them. The only products which don't qualify for free envelopes (because of their bulky size) are as follows: 1) Candles, 2) Framed Memories, 3) Funeral Books, 4) Photobooks and 5) Plaques.