Bespoke Design Services

We offer hundreds of designs, however if you would like something completely bespoke we can offer this for you.
To get an idea of what you get when you choose this service, here are some examples:

How does the Bespoke Design Service work?

We will take inspiration, ideas and photographs from you, to create something original. Please tell us what your loved one’s favourite things were in life such as hobbies, and we’ll create a theme which compliments all of this beautifully.
Our bespoke designs go much further than simply matching a colour scheme; they will reflect the celebration of your loved one’s life which we feel your family and friends will love. Whatever products you buy from us will have this bespoke design theme running through them, which gives a consistent feel across all of your chosen products.
Let us take the stress out of ordering for you, choose our bespoke design service if you want to give your chosen that extra touch of class.

How do I choose this service?

Basically, look for ‘Bespoke Design Services’ in the shopping basket, and add it to your cart (it’s an optional extra).
To give us an idea of your taste, start by choosing one of our products, then choose a design which you like, then continue through checkout. If you cannot see a design you like, don’t worry, just pick one and you’ll have the opportunity to tell us more later.

How do I send my ideas and photographs?

During Checkout – upload a photograph
You can upload photographs towards the start of the checkout process.

During checkout – additional comments:
Towards the end of the checkout process, you’ll be able to leave comments or instructions while placing your order. The more information you give us the better, as it gives us something to work with.

My Account / Secure Proofing Area
You’ll also be able to communicate with us through the secure ‘My Account’ area, where you’ll see your proof (or design proposal).

Email / Telephone
Of course you could also contact us in the traditional way, please see our details at the top of the page, or see our contact us page.

If I don’t choose your Bespoke Design Service, do I still get a nice looking design?

Yes of course you do. If you choose one of our hundreds of existing designs, your photograph(s) will still be blended into these design themes professionally. Our Bespoke Design Service can be considered as an upgrade from the existing designs, where you get something truly bespoke, if that’s what you would like.